Monday, March 7, 2011

Shopping and boys

Have you ever gone shopping with a boy? How about
 when that boy is a grown man? I can tell you from experience it is different that shopping with the girls!
last night Pat and I went to Harbor Freight for their early sidewalk sale for members of The Inside Track Club. We really saved money! A few weeks ago we bought a trailer for our motorcycle at Harbor Freight. It is their Tag Along trailer .
 It is a lightweight, high capacity trailer which I am hoping will make traveling on our bikes a little easier. Anyway, when we bought the trailer we bought a membership to the Inside Track Club for $30. At the time we received a gift card for $10 for buying the membership. We received a 25% discount on the trailer! Card paid for itself right there!
So back to shopping. Last night we bought a small flux wire welder for $81! And of course we had to get a welding helmet and gloves and a few other odds and ends. LOL
He is like a little boy on Christmas morning! 
Income tax is now spent. For once we have things he can say "Oh yeah. I got that."Tires, welder, trailer, swivel ball for trailer and computer pretty much wiped it out. Now we do have one more thing to get, a hitch for the bike. That will run in the range of $250.
All this stuff is in preperation of Pat retiring in a few weeks.

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