Monday, April 12, 2010


Changes in the air once again. With the arrival of Spring comes many changes, most expected but a few are not.
The grass is growing tall and green, flowers are blooming and birds are flitting about. Rabbits are hopping around all over my yard at night. The geese are back at the pond across the street building their nest already. These evening I saw a small fox as I was driving home. I was glad to see that it was NOT near my place! My 2 chickens have enough trouble with the skunk that come through here nightly. Come to think of it, my 2 dogs outside have
enough trouble from the skunk! They get sprayed about every 2 weeks it seems. Dummies still chase that darn skunk!

 Today brought another change I was not expecting. Candy told Brook to pack her things and move back in with me.


  1. Spring sounds such a lovely time for many things. Things are lively again. Holds lots of promises.

    Hope Brook's coming back to stay with you is a good thing.

    Have a wonderful spring!

  2. Hope Candy doesn't change her mind about Brook being with you...and yes..even without the geese across the road nesting...I can tell spring has arrived...I love the smell of new mown grass LOL..and we don't worry about foxes or skunks...but the fleas have arrived too...LOL...thanks goodness for Frontline!!! God Bless...hugs...Ora in KY

  3. Hope you are okay with this. Seasons change and often bring change with them. SIGH

  4. There seems to be a lot of change lately! Lots of changes in my house too. I hope your ok with your changes. Laine xxxx

  5. Spring to me signifies the rebirth. A new opprotunity to experience the world.

    Where I am at, we get to see deer and we too have a little red fox darting about. But that is because man has taken all of the space that they once roamed free.

    I hope that Brook coming back is going to be a good thing. The circumstances and attitude determines that more than anything else.

  6. That's a good thing, right? My daughter loves foxes, but I can see why you'd not want them around your chickens. We're having such a nice spring here, and I hope it lasts!


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