Friday, April 17, 2009

Safe kids, safe adults

CyberPatrol is a product designed to protect your kids online. I use Firefox 3 and had no trouble using this product. I created a profile for my granddaughter inserting certain websites that I knew I did not want her to go to. I tried it in stealth mode and tried to go to the sites. No way. It gave me a blank page that said the page cannot be found. I then tired it in horse mode and got a cute page with a girl on a horse with wooooooah there on it. There are several options as to what is seen when they try to go to a blocked site. A wife or a husband can use it to block porn sites or phishing sites without the knowledge of the person that is trying to view them. You can check to see what sites were blocked by the monitoring report. In Firefox I had no trouble. It did block a news story about a teacher that was fired because of posing in Playboy. Because I had it set to block adult sites and the headline had nude it in and another headline (same story) had Playboy in it I was denied access. I tried it in Internet Explorer and could not get to my home page. Hubby likes to have AOL set as homepage. CyberPatrol in IE blocked it as inappropriate website. I was also denied access to some of my mail for inappropriate content. Now that one made me mad as it was a prayer request from Barbara. So I had to add Google mail and AOL to approved sites even though on Firefox they were allowed! It can be set to monitor all websites or just blocked ones in the report you can read. It did block a lot of ads from being seen on pages. That was good. Would I recommend CyberPatrol? Yes I would. It is fairly easy to use and does a good job of blocking and filtering.


  1. A good effort to protect unsuspecting children from online garbage.

  2. All your little bees sure are cute.

  3. thanks for the info...with youngsters around here...that might be a good thing to look into...parents and grandparents need all the help they can get now a days did the heart testing come out??? happy day...hugs...Ora


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