Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rain and scares

The rain just will not go away. The more I want it to the longer it stays.

I had a scare Tuesday night. I had chest pains that would not go away. Pat insisted on taking me to the hospital. Fun place to go to. They attempted to put an IV in my arm and missed so now I have a lovely bruise on my arm. pat was watching. He said it popped up like a balloon when it happened. It was rather painful. Anyway the good news is the EKG did not show a heart attack and the cardiac enzymes did not either. The nitro relieved the pain so Thursday I will be taking a treadmill stress test.

What a wakeup call.


  1. Something like that is always scary! I hope there's no longstanding problem.

  2. That is scary. Take no chances, always go to the hospital and let the experts help.

    Hope you are alright and nothing serious.

    Have a relaxing weekend and take care.

  3. I'm glad you are ok, but it is good they are checking it all out. My daughter had that happen to her too and they blamed it on stress...It was a wake up call for her too. Take care ! 'On Ya'-ma

  4. Hope you're ok and that it's nothing serious. Keep us posted.

  5. That must have been scary. I hope the stress test comes out all right.

  6. LOL...I know all about rain...going on for Georgia, Alabama, and Florida...we had a week of it...but had fun on spring break anyway....just got a bit wetter than usual...and it caused a few problems driving...but detours were ok..catching up on my blogs one big "I will do this today" thingy LOLOL...hope the new neighbor situation works out ok...hugs...Ora


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