Friday, March 6, 2009


There is hope in the world.

Yesterday my daughter's landlord gave them a rent break for the next 3 months. They will pay only $100 for next month and add $100 the next month and the third month. They will only be paying $600 total for 3 months rent. That was such a blessing!

One other thing happened yesterday. She got a phone call with an appointment to apply for energy assistance. I took her there this morning and she qualified for a $300 credit on her electric bill!

My daughter is finally realizing that when you do good that it does come back to you. She has already found out that the bad comes back to bite you in the ass also.


  1. Oh wow that is a good rent deal. I'm so happy for your daughter.

  2. There really are some caring people in the world. I think at this point people are realizing they'd rather have reduced rent coming in than no rent at all. Glad she got some help.

  3. It's nice to know that there are occasionally some acts of kindness are still possible in these ugly times.


  4. Celeste isn't it wonderful there are still some caring people left in this world ~ I am so pleased for your daughter ~ and for her to get energy assistance as well that is great news ~ Ally x

  5. I do believe she is beginning to listen to her wise Mom...and like you say...good begets good...otherwise...whatcha out!!! LOL..glad she is getting some assistance and her a caring landlord...hopefully in some way she will fine a way to give back to him...???!!! God Bless Celeste...hugs...Ora

  6. Great news! Hopefully she will indeed get this lesson now, and carry it with her.

  7. Hi Celeste,
    I know your daughter has a weight lifted off her shoulders. That was so nice of her landlord...always nice to find that there are still good folks around to lend a hand.
    love ya,

  8. Do good deeds and expect nothing in return, but good things do come back to you... a blessing when you least expect it.

    Good news. You're a good Mom!

    Have a great weekend.


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