Thursday, March 26, 2009

family stuff

Pat is getting to see more of his daughter. It is frustrating for him. He sees her making serious mistakes and cannot do anything about it. She is young, early 20's, with 2 kids and out on her own for the first time. Big mistake #1 that she does not see is she has a roommate that does not have a job and has several kids of her own, no welfare check or child support either! Big mistake #2, she is in love with a guy she met through her roommate that is in prison, (roommate's brother) Big mistake #3 she changes jobs and quit her other job 2 weeks BEFORE starting new job. She is letting other people use her phone and they ran her out of minutes AND ran up her phone bill. She is letting other people drive her car while she was at work, now it is broke. She received a LARGE tax refund and is broke, hocked her car and her rings and borrowed money from us for food this week. Pa told her no more. She can come to the farm and I will feed her, she can move in but NOT the "friends". She does not see they are only using her. The roommate claims to have been looking for a job for over 6 months, yet Pat's daughter found a job in less than a week. This child was never taught how to survive on her own. It will take hitting bottom for her to see that she is being used. As for this marriage, I pray that she waits(plans are for next week!) until he gets out. Then I pray she waits for a long time! I fear for her. She is in for big problems.

Having a bit of trouble typing this as I have a lump on my shoulder. Buddy decided he wanted to watch what I was doing and climbed on the back of the chair and watched me type.

Brook got her hair cut. It sure is short! She wanted it cut this way. I think she looks cute But I really think it will look cuter AFTER it has grown out some.


  1. Brooke is beautiful. As for the other stuff? All we can do is watch out for ourselves.

  2. Hi Celeste,
    pat's daughter needs to hold off on the marriage for the time being...It is so hard to watch our children make mistakes...sounds like she is too tender hearted and too trusting with her friends.Hope all works out to the good.
    love our new shoulder pad! lol

  3. Brook's new hair style is so cute on her. Kitty cat ain't bad looking either. So sorry Pat is having to worry about daughter. Hope she comes to her senses sooner then later.

  4. I like Brook's hair cut. Look very sharp.

    As to Pat's daughter, what can you do or say? Doing what is right for the ones you make the decisions for, I think, is what you do.

    Can't do something that costs everybody, no matter what. Hopefully, she will get it.

  5. I do hope Pat's daughter comes to her senses soon. It's so sad watching them go on like that. I guess sometimes all we can do is pray alot. My cat used to always be on my shoulder like that. She was happiest being where I was. I sure to miss her. Hope your Friday is a great one! 'On Ya'-ma

  6. I love Brook's hair. Very summer
    :-). I am sorry about Pat's daughter. I am glad he is getting to see more of her and her children, but her circumstances must be very hard for a dad to view.

  7. I was once a lot like pats daughter,not to that extreme but non the less I had to learn the hard way

  8. Hi Celeste, don't look now but there is a pussy cat on your shoulder. What a cutie! Marlene

  9. I love Brooke's haircut. It is very chic. It sounds like Pat's daughter is in for a hard fall and a harder landing.


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