Wednesday, July 9, 2008

anger and other stuff

Holding on to anger, resentment and hurt only gives you tense muscles, a headache and a sore jaw from clenching your teeth. Forgiveness gives you back the laughter and the lightness in your life.
Joan Lunden, in Healthy Living Magazine
Learning to let go of my anger is hard.  Anger sucks. It makes me so sick. I am not talking about simple anger but a deep rage, the kind that can lead you to doing things and saying things that should never be said or done. Most times I rage when I am by myself then the tears come and I can bring myself under control. Last night was one of those times.

Brook is on her way to Panama City Florida. I know she is having a grand time.The people she is with spoil her and pet on her. LOL It has been years since I have been there. Someday I hope to go there again.

I was talking on the phone earlier today and the person I was talking asked me what that sound was they were hearing. I told her that it was my birds singing. She asked me if I found it annoying because they were so loud. My honest answer was never. Being hearing impaired you really learn to appreciate everything you do hear.
It is amazing to me to hear them at all. Actually there is only one I can hear and I cannot hear his whole song. I watch him sing and find such joy in hearing what I do. The day may come where I will not hear that so I treasure the days I have.

We are getting some much needed rain right now. The thunder is rolling and the lightening strikes are hitting
all around. The temps have dropped to a pleasant 72 down from the 93 it was an hour ago. I need to get off now. The lights dimmed. Out here in the country the power can go off at anytime.

Take care and I will be back


  1. I think tears are one of gods greatest creations...its like a sprinkler system in a burning building sometimes and other times its like a needed summer shower.

  2. I am so glad that Brook is getting to go to the beach...wish you could have gone too Celeste and enjoyed yourself! I usually rage too when I am alone, though I have let lose of a few choice words in front of some folks also! :-) Sometimes that is the only way some folks seem to listen to me.
    love ya,

  3. I love hearing our birds singing.  Sometimes when I'm on the phone though I have to shush them or move to another room or even outside!!  I think when I'm talking on the phone they think I'm talking to them and that's why they get noisy.

  4. You have a good attitude about your hearing problem. I try to convince John at our age we should get out more while we can. He likes to just sit in front of TV. Nice that Brook is getting to go somewhere for fun. I wish you could have gone too. Paula

  5. OH boy I know about that kind of anger. It's so hard to get rid of. If we don't get rid of it, we can get sick. It's imperitive that we learn to deal with it. I'm still learning. Don't ever stop trying.

  6. When I am truly, deeply angry I do my best to remind myself that I am only hurting myself ... and by extension the people I love.  It took a lot of time and effort to work through the rage I discovered I carried with me into adulthood.  

    I love the bird songs in the morning when I wake, so I am glad that you hear as much as you do and can enjoy each of those moments so thoroughly.

  7. Because Cliff is hearing impaired, I can relate.  I rejoice for him at everything he can still hear.

  8. I agree with previous comments Celeste, anger is very destructive - it only hurts you, it festers inside and can make you ill.  I hope you find a way of channelling it or can work things out so that you no longer feel this way.

  9. We've had a rainy, and MUCH cooler day today, too.

  10. I knoe what you mean about anger and resentment. It can make you physically ill. I have been through it..hugs, Christine


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