Friday, January 6, 2017

Neighbors and fences

So yesterday I had a visit from a Sheriff deputy. Fun. Seems my horse was out again. He said they have received numerous calls and visits to us because of it. What BS. He flat out lied. I called him out on the lie. We have received 1 visit because of horse.  He said they were called because horse was in road. Really? Looked like she was in the yard to me. So he left and we got a visit from animal control and he gave us a ticket for animal at large, which he did not see because horse was in yard. Could not figure out why she was getting out so I did a little fence walking. I will post a picture later on as I did not have my camera with me. Apparently my neighbor decided to cut some brush and trees and use a bulldozer to push it through our fence unto our property effectively taking our fence out in 2 places. I was going to just pay the fine, the horse was out. I have since changed my mind. I will go to court with pictures showing that it was vandalism that resulted in horse being out. The neighbor that did the damage is most likely the one that called the sheriff and filed a false report of animal in road. This is also the SAME neighbor that shot and killed 5 week old puppies that went on his property and shot the mother in the head(which she survived).

Karma needs to hurry up and take care of him. The devil watches his own I guess.


  1. Crappy neighbors can make life miserable. I'm so happy we finally have wonderful neighbors on every side!

    1. I am glad you do too! I remember your neighbors...

  2. Good idea on taking those pictures with you to court.

  3. I can only imagine that said neighbor knows what you & your husband have been going through. That makes the lot of it all the more disgusting. I am so very sorry. At a time like this, I'd think the neighbor would be offering to help you, not vandalizing your property & reporting YOU.


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