Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year. Yeah I know It is not Jan 1st but it is a new year, at least for me. It is my birthday. Yay. 54, wow I made it. I keep telling myself, I am not old but my body keeps screaming at me YOU ARE OLD. Typing this morning with fingers that are not very flexible(arthritis), a back that refused to bend, a swollen knee(bursitis), and other aches and pains, constant reminders that time will not hold back age. Time marches on. Oh well.

School is out is 2 weeks here, then Brook gets a 10 week break(I think). She has a full summer, FFA camp in June. Her dad has moved so she will spend time with him, possibly going on vacation with him. Her boyfriend grandparents own a house on a lake and she will be spending time there(providing she is still with him).

Thursday and next Thursday will be playoffs for the trophy in my pool league. The team I am on is in it! Then we have a week off then we play in the City Championship for a chance to play at the Nationals in Las Vegas!

Ok I am out of here. Time to take Brook to school.

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