Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Not what I wanted to hear but it will be ok

Yesterday was a very long day. Pat and I drove to Murfeesboro for his VA appointment with his lung doctor. We left very early so we could check in with the ER in hopes of seeing the eye doctor ahead of his May appointment. They did get him in and did a through exam. It hurt me so much to listen to him in pain for an eye exam! That bright ,intense light that they use to look into your eye after dilation is painful. It also hurt to hear him call out letters and numbers that were not remotely close to the actual letter or number. He got the big E right on his left eye... Diagnosis-cataracts in both eyes. Now that is not so bad, that can be fixed. His lungs may affect the outcome of the surgery. If he moves at all during the surgery, which could take up to an hour, he could lose his sight completely. This time last year, he could see pretty good. Until surgery is done it is unknown if they will be able to implant a lens in his eye. Some people cannot have one. That is not good news.  His lung doctor gave the go ahead for the surgery. He put him on antibiotics and steroids for his bronchitis. He also prescribed a maintenance dose to take for a month to help keep him well for surgery. Now we need approval from his regular PCP.


  1. ... at least the surgery gives you the reasonable possibility for a good life with Pat... and that is not that bad at all...

    Sometimes it is difficult to be thankful for something like this but it does help. You will have a good quality of life to look forward to once he is healed and good to go...

  2. Here's hoping for the best outcome for Pat. Saying a prayer.


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