Monday, September 17, 2012

Long time no see

It has been a while since I have posted here. Today I felt the urge to do so.

The seasons are changing again. Everything is still green. There are no subtle color changes. It is just something I feel. Today it is raining and it sounds different.

A lot of things are different right now. Slightly less than 2 weeks ago, I received temporary custody of my granddaughter. It was a drastic move on my part, knowing that if I lose the final court hearing, I will lose her for a few years. Over the past few years I have realized just how much my daughter resents me for the past. So much so that she has been very emotionally abusive towards Brook. She resents the closeness that we share. It feels as if she wants to destroy me by using her own daughter, even if it destroys her daughter in the process.

Life with a teenager. Wow, gonna be fun. 15th birthday was on the 8th. Time to go get learner's permit. Oh boy. Actually I think she will do good. First I have to gather all those things needed to prove she is who she is. Used to, all I needed was her birth certificate and social security card. Now I have to prove who I am and who she is, just short of providing DNA! (Green card issues requires DNA now)

About 3 weeks ago she had a skin cancer removed from her back. It was on her spine. Not melanoma thank goodness. 12 stitches outside with 3 on the inside. All layers of skin had to be removed. I could see the muscle in her back while she was open.

Friday she had her wisdom teeth cut out. OUCH. Poor thing. She looks like a chipmunk. I think we may have been able to keep bruising to a minimum. Ice packs for 2 days. Now we are using heat so she can loosen her jaw back up. Food has been an adventure. Lots of mashed potatoes, and today is pancake morning. She did not go to school today, as she is still woozy from pain pills and lack of food.

I am proud of her. She is taking honor classes in school. Science and American Government is what she is taking this semester. WOW. They cover a whole year of classes in one semester. She has math next semester. It is honors also. It is Algebra and Geometry. She will have a full year of Algebra and half year of Geometry in one class.

I just discovered I hate what happens when you reach the end of the blank space on blogger. You just type away and you stay st the bottom of the page. I had to hit enter a lot of times to give me some blank space. I like to see what I am filling up. I know, strange. It is like using a clean sheet of paper in the typewriter.

Thursday starts the new season for APA. Playing pool will be different this session. Brook has TaeKwonDo at the same time that it starts. Her class is not over until 8 and pool starts at 7. If we have a full team then there may be times when we both will not have to be there. I will have to be there most times as I have AVON customers there!

Okay, I am out of here again. Bye friends

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