Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Helen and hurt

Last week Pat and I took off on my first road trip. We decided to go camping near Helen Ga and take in the first weekend of Oktoberfest there. That was our original plans anyway.
Off we go with our handy map one wrong turn and where we go nobody knows. LOL We got all sorts of directional help to get to Helen. It seems all roads lead to Helen, some are just not so direct and most are not on a map.
Up a mountain we go with narrow roads, no guard rails and scary turns, all of which thrilled me. I never dreamed I would actually be doing this. Once on top our phones start going off, voicemail and text messages to both our phones. Crystal is hurt and the vet has been called. Nothing we could do except hope for the best and find out where we are. Lucky for us this road actually dropped down into Helen.
Off to the campground we go. We stayed at Unicoi State Park. We started getting set up and our neighbor showed up with a armload of wood for a fire. That was a blessing as we were going to have to head out again after dark to find some.
It was early to bed and early to rise as the temps dropped into the 40's. I got a fire going fast and breakfast going. I made sausage and scrambled eggs with toast. I must say they were delicious! After that off we went for fishing licenses and a day of fishing in the mountains. Needless to say we did not catch anything. We did not even get a bite. What we did have was a lovely ride looking for some fishing.
Later that evening our neighbor brought up a dutch oven with a pot roast, potatoes and carrots to eat. We shared a delightful meal and good conversation. After dinner we headed off into town. It felt weird riding thru Helen and there be no people or traffic!
Back to camp for another early night. That cool mountain air made me so sleepy! The next day we were up early again. This time we went out of breakfast then back to break down camp. Plans were to stay longer but with Crystal hurt we decided to come home to se how bad it was.
After breaking down camp we headed back into Helen. People were scurrying about but still not crowded. We headed to Biker Village to check out the shops. I bought a new pair of chaps as I had busted the zipper on my old pair. By the time we left Helen we were hungry again. We stopped and ate then headed home with only a stop to get gas and a drink. It was dark by the time we got home. I was glad to be home but sad because I was really looking forward to camping out longer.


  1. And I am still wondering about Crystal, but envious about the camping trip ... now that I have someone to ask to go off on one, I may get to have an adventure of my own!!

  2. Well, we are going to Helen next week. I can't wait to get away.

  3. Glad your trip was so nice! Hope all has turned out well with Crystal.


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